What is ConSim?

Developed by Golder Associates on behalf of the Environment Agency, ConSim is designed to provide those concerned with the management of contaminated land with a means of assessing the risk that is posed to groundwater by leaching contaminants.

ConSim version 2.5

ConSim has a fixed conceptual site model; it is used to assess the potential for leaching of contaminants from contaminated soil followed by migration and attenuation in the unsaturated zone and subsequently the aquifer system. Dilution, retardation and biodegradation/decay may be incorporated.

Output includes contaminant concentrations (in the source, at the base of the unsaturated zone and in the aquifer at specific receptor locations), both retarded and unretarded travel times, and aquifer underflow. A tiered approach allows users to compare output at each stage with a selected Water Quality Standard, to decide the appropriate way forward.

Multiple sources, contaminants and receptors may be modelled in a single run; the source duplication function reduces the amount of repetitive data entry required. Multiple unsaturated pathways may also be included to take account of the effects that different materials will have on infiltration and contaminant migration. Soakaway (enhanced infiltration) and dual porosity options are also available.

The uncertainty inherent in the environment is taken into account through the use of parameter input ranges and a Monte Carlo probabilistic calculation methodology.

ConSim is not suitable for modelling the migration of NAPL, and does not consider risk to human health.

Ordering ConSim 2.5

You can purchase ConSim v2.5 at the following prices (ConSim v2.02 licence holders who have not yet upgraded will receive ConSim v2.5 free of charge):

  • General user: 850 + VAT (multiple copy discounts available please contact helpdesk for details);
  • Regulator/ educational user: 425 + VAT

The costs include downloadable installation files (or installation CD), comprehensive User Manual (electronic or hardcopy), postage within the UK and access to helpdesk support. Software will only be dispatched upon receipt of payment.

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Demonstration copy of ConSim version 2.5

Golder Associates (UK) Ltd is pleased to provide structured training in the background, use and limitations of the software. For more details please download the UK training course flyer or contact the helpdesk.

Help Desk

Technical support is available for ConSim 2.5 through a helpline run from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm (British Time) Monday to Friday, provided by Golder Associates (UK) Ltd.

Tel: + 44 (0)115 9371111

Or email: ukconsim@golder.com

ConSim, Windows and Access to the Help Files

ConSim 2.5 has not been designed for Windows Vista or later.

If Windows Vista or later is being used a patch for WinHelp may be required from Microsoft to access the help files. Click on the following link to access help on this subject or search for "error in opening help" in your browser. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/917607/error-opening-help-in-windows-based-programs-feature-not-included-or-help-not-supported
If you are a Windows 10 user, please contact the Help Desk.

For further information about ConSim, contact ukconsim@golder.com

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